August 27, 2012

Peek Micro Machining Cost Effectiveness

8/27/12:  Throw caution to the wind on your old machining cost models when it comes to micro machining PEEK polymers.  PEEK machined parts require careful planning […]
August 20, 2012

Drug Delivery And Point of Care Device Collaboration

8/20/12: Drug Delivery Devices are getting smaller and smaller and micro molding and micro machining are useful processes to produce state of the art disposable point […]
August 13, 2012

Micro Molding Using Bio-Resorbable Polymers

8/13/12:   Micro Molding in bio-resorbable PLA and PGA materials creates challenges with small gate sizes for these highly shear sensitive and highly moisture sensitive materials.  Donna […]
August 6, 2012

Global Healthcare Industry Is Going Micro

8/6/12: In today’s world smaller is better, in the medical world small (or better yet – micro) is cutting edge technology that is less intrusive and […]
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