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Micro Molding

Micro Engineering Solutions

From napkin sketch to full CAD models, MES designs, manufactures, and assembles state of the art dust-specked sized micro molded parts and features.  Concepts are provided to our clients comparing manufacturability and pros and cons in cost, scalability, quality, and handling/assembly.  Examples of MES micro sized medical and drug delivery devices: Drug Compounded Polymer Stents, Anchors, Needles, and… Read More »

Micro Machining

Micro Engineering Solutions

One of the fastest ways to get micro parts in our customer’s hands has traditionally been micro machining.  Many applications can be justified to spend capital on tooling up for micro molding, however, if the design has been made iteration-friendly (steel safe, inserted for areas thought to be changing prior to design freeze) then it… Read More »

Micro Assembly

Micro Engineering Solutions

The preparation required for micro components at the design stage carries through all the way to automated assembly.  Because the tolerances are critical and diminishing to microns and sub-microns, the stack-up tolerances of the micro components and their design criteria are scrutinized and their method of manufacturing are also considered for long-term production.  The mechanics… Read More »